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Do you need bail help? Are you, or is someone you know in Anaheim or the Orange County Area in trouble with felonies, misdemeanors or warrants and need the help of  an experienced, professional, quick acting and reliable bail bonding company?


If yes, look no further. Josh Herman’s Orange County Bail Bonds is here to help you in your time of  need, 24/7.


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Tel 800-980-2245, Available 24/7

At Orange County Bail Bonds, we specialize in quickly getting your loved ones out of jail. A family-owned and operated business with countless years of experience, our bail bond agents are some of the most reputable and professional personnel in the state of California. Our team is here to work with you, no matter what your situation.

We know that no one wants to be in jail. That’s why we’re open around the clock to help you or a loved one get released. The professionals at Blandon Bail Bonds will guide you through the entire bail process. We will make sure you are completely informed so that you can make important decisions.

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Orange County Bail Bonds takes pride in having the most reliable, responsive, trustworthy, and caring licensed bail bondsmen in Southern California. For more than three  decade, we’ve helped people like you obtain bail bonds for themselves or a loved one. We know this is a stressful time for you and we will do everything we can to assist you.

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We offer flexible rates and payment plans that are specially designed to get the people you love out of jail -fast. Call us today at (800) 980-2245 for a free quote.

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Bail By Phone … Sometimes it just isn’t possible to come in and fill out the bond paperwork in person. Fortunately, at Blandon Bail Bonds we offer our bail services over the phone. Give us a call at 800-980-2245 to get started.

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