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We at Josh Herman California Bail Bonds are one of the most experienced and premier bail bond agencies in the state of California. We know the urgency of getting bail, which is why we work hard at ensuring a seamless and quick bail bond process time.

Josh Herman California Bail Bonds boasts of more than 75 years of combined experience in providing  bail bonds services throughout the greater Los Angeles Area. Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients obtain Los Angeles County Bail Bonds,  Orange County Bail Bonds, San Bernardino County Bail Bonds, Riverside County Bail Bonds, San Diego County Bail Bonds, Imperial County Bail Bonds and Ventura County Bail Bonds. We even have documented proof in the form of news articles and thousands of satisfied customers.

Our aim is to help take care of our family and help you to discretely and confidently make it through a difficult time.

Available 24/7

California Bail Bonds is available at your services twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. We never close and are always waiting and ready to help get you out of trouble, and take you back home.


Call us at our nationwide toll-free number 800-980-2245 to get connected with an authorized 24-hour bail bond agent to clear all your doubts and keep you out of jail till your court date.


We know that getting the required bail amount may be difficult for some people. This is where our easy payment plans let you get bail without sacrificing your home or other assets.

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California Bail Bonds About Us Third Generation

Third generation Bail Bond Business

Unlike many other bail bond companies, Josh Herman California Bail Bonds is a third generation bail bond business with more than 75 years of experience in the field.


While Josh Herman is the third generation member, the business was started by his grandmother in the late 1940s. Josh’s father ran the show after her in the 70s and 80s and it was in the early 1990s that Mark gave Josh his start and gradually take over the family business.


We not only help with bail arrangements, but we have a family history tradition of community service to the community too. We help local charities like Operation School Bell, the Special Olympics, and various youth-related projects.

A quick bond process by telephone, fax or email

The customer is our top priority, which is why we at Josh Herman California Bail Bonds will approve, and arrange for bail through fax, email or a phone call. We use secure systems to send and sign papers without any scanning or printing, all through a Smartphone, iPad, PC or Mac. However, we do need to first speak to the people involved for verification purposes.


All it takes is usually about 15 minutes to complete the bail application documents. We then immediately post your bail bond with the appropriate detention facility to quickly start the discharge procedure.


We provide a realistic time frame to complete your bail bond when you call us. And in case of bail bonds that require that one of our bail agents personally meet you, they arrive to meet you in about 30-60 minutes.

Fast and flexible services

We know that speed is most important to most of our clients who are looking for a bail bond company. It’s quite natural because no one wants to be in jail for longer than necessary! It is thanks to our vast network of agents that we can quickly and easily deal with clients in practically every Californian jail.


We are so particular about getting our clients out of jail as soon as possible. Even though most bail bonds need advance payment to get you out of jail; we offer creative financing options for people in financial difficulties and need financing help.

Accepts credit cards

We make the bail bond payment process easier for you by accepting major credit cards, Master Card and Discover. You can pay by cash, or if you qualify, opt for our financing schemes.


Besides credit cards, we also accept payments made through wire transfer, checks, PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo Cash App.

We will come to you

We have a strategically placed system of 24-hour licensed bail bond agents across most parts of California. This is why we can arrange to have them reach you at no extra charge, and usually within 30-60 minutes.


While most of our agents are in the Southern California region we also serve most of the metropolitan jails across the State of California.

Collateral is not always needed

Most of our customers are entitled to signature bail bonds, which don’t need collateral. These are customers with ‘low flight risks’, which we categorize based on various factors like employment situation, credit score, personality, how long he/she has been a Californian resident, the type of crime and other similar factors.

Confidentiality maintained

We know that dealing with a bail bond company may be embarrassing to some people. This is why our company maintains confidentiality and is discreet about safeguarding your privacy.

No hidden fees

Josh Herman California Bail Bonds discusses and discloses all fees in advance so there’s no worry about any hidden fees or gimmicks. We even have a Bail Customer Bill of Rights for our customers.

Unique solutions

We know that each crime and situation is unique. So just give us some time and we will come up with a unique solution to resolve any of your special needs.


All you have to do is give Josh Herman Bail Bonds a call at 800-980-2245 for a private, quick and safe bail bond process in any situation and any time of the day.