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We at Josh Herman Bail Bonds offer really fast service to all jails and courts. We can help get you out of jail just with a free quote on your required bail bond. We work hard, and with our clients to get them out of jail as quickly as possible.
Josh Herman knows that it’s not easy to come up with hard assets, especially in tough times. But we still help get your loved one out of jail even if you don’t have a home or hard assets.
Our aim is to help people in trouble. Josh Herman Bail Bonds specializes in large bonds, and we instead accept credit cards, and checks. We even have easy and flexible payment plans.


24 hours California bail bonds

You can approach us anytime for help and a free, confidential consultation because we are open 24/7. With our vast experience spanning three generations and more than 75 years, we can easily answer any, and most of your questions. Our trained staff will work hard to ensure your loved one doesn’t spend more time than needed away from you.
Remember don’t fret when problems begin. We at Josh Herman bail bonds California are here to help get you out of your fix. It doesn’t matter if its day or night, just give us a call at 800-980-2245.
Our friendly staff and expert bondsmen are always standing by ready to help you in times of need. We will put all their necessary efforts to understand your case, and help bring your loved one home as quickly as possible.

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Getting bail for your loved ones has never been easier. Josh Herman bail bonds offer a simple 1-2-3 process to get one. You just have to:

1. Call us immediately


2. Make only a minimal bail payment

We at Josh Herman bail bonds are ready to help you even with a minimal bail payment. We know that it’s not possible of everyone to have hard assets ready in such times to use to secure bail payments. We want to help these credit-challenged people through our minimal bail payments.

3. Pick up your loved one or the defendant

Once the payment is made, our bondsmen will guide and give you the proper timing to pick up your loved one from jail. See? Your bail bond is ready, all thanks to our simple bail process!

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Bail bonds by email, phone or fax

Josh Herman California bail bonds can even do bonds by phone, email or fax, where you don’t even have to leave your home or office to get a bond. We do it electronically, using the help of the software DocuSign to securely send the ban papers to be signed, without any scanning or printing of papers.
In fact all you need are a Smartphone, PC, iPad or Mac to get your bail papers. However we do have to first speak to, and discuss things with the people involved to verify all given information.

Why Choose Josh Herman Los Angeles Bail Bonds?

  • A third-generation establishment with more than 40 years of bail bond experience
  • Releases bail bonds without any hard assets
  • Friendly staff ready to serve you 24/7
  • Bi-lingual bail bonds agents
  • Can handle court ordered cash only bail bonds
  • Can process signature bonds using your job and good credit
  • Can process credit card bonds using any major credit card


We can handle all court ordered bail bonds.


use your job and good credit.


Fast simple bail bonds processed using any major C/C.



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